Aifro WaterEco

Aifro WaterEco is a smart garden sprinkler system with a 7-inch super big touch screen. It will be automatically connected to the remote server after system booting, so the users can manage remotely anywhere around the world. The iOS/Android app can be accessed through Aifro Cloud within 5 seconds to control the watering anywhere around the world. It can intelligently adjust the duration of each watering according to the snatched weather data from the Internet. Through rain sensors which can induce whether it will rain and rainfall, Aifro WaterEco will decide whether to stop watering. Besides, it has other functions such as winter dormancy.
Aifro WaterEco is a scientific and effective green household water saving system, which can effectively guarantee safe and human-based garden management, and improves the overall taste and profile of your garden, even also a reflection of your intelligent and avant-grade lifestyle.

Warm Tips: 

Aifro WaterEco is designed for indoor use only. For outdoor use, please buy Aifro WaterEco Waterproof Enclosure separately. Besides, if you want to expand zones (12 zones, 24 zones and 36 zones), please buy our custom-made expansion board bundled with Aifro WaterEco Waterproof Enclosure optionally. Learn More

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Biggest touch screen among similar products

Aifro WaterEco has a 7-inch full color screen for you to operate conveniently. Once the screen is turned on, you can control the watering in your gardens and lawns immediately!

Control watering at anytime through the iOS/Android app or PC

You can also use our Aifro app or PC to monitor, start and stop watering tasks and utilize all functions of Aifro WaterEco.
It can be operated on all iOS, Android devices and PC.

Control watering anywhere around the world

When you are away from home, you can access Aifro WaterEco through Aifro Cloud to control the watering in your garden instantly.

Smart irrigation system designed for saving water (AI adjustment)

Aifro WaterEco, as a smart irrigation system, offers you many ways to conserve every drop of water.
Thus, it can save you money and energy, and making your garden more beautiful.

  • Touch-screen device, and manage your Aifro WaterEco remotely from any iOS/Android device or PC.
  • Adjusts your watering amount by lowering it on rainy or colder days and increasing it on hot summer days according to weather forecast.
  • Easy to install. Three steps are enough.
  • Expandable control zones, and supports up to 52 zones.
  • Control watering anywhere around the world within 5 seconds through Aifro Cloud.
  • Powerful quad-core ARM CPU.
  • Sense the temperature and rainfall with the built-in temperature sensor and optional rain sensor.
  • Low-temperature protection, automatically enter the dormancy mode in winter.
  • Open API, developer friendly.
  • Steady Wi-Fi signals, up to 300m controllable distance outdoor.
  • Comprehensive and accurate statistical function, clearly showing the water used and money cost.
  • Automatic free software upgrade to keep the system always in the best state.
  • Keep your information in pretty good privacy
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Provide support all the year round

Technical Specifications

16 zones + 1 master zone, supports up to 52 total zones (expansion boards needed)
7" glass capacitive touch screen
iOS and Android apps
Freeze Control
Daily, every X days, every X weeks, specific week days programming support

Electrical Specifications

Model: ICC-818
AC input: AC 24V, 50/60Hz
Input current: 1.5A
Standby power: <5W
Storage capacity: 4GB EMMC
Resolution: 1024*600
Humidity: 0~95% (No condensation)
Wireless: 802.11N STA
Case material: ABS plastic
Protection grade: IP54
Working temperature range: -15°C to 60°C/5°F to 140°F
Storage temperature range: -20°C to 85°C/-4°F to 185°F
Installation method: Wall hanging

Supported Browsers
Firefox 2.x and higher
Internet Explorer 7 and higher

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